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If you want it done right the first time, call SUPER SEAL PAVING & SEALCOATING


All Sealcoat is NOT Created Equal!

A proper sealcoat job starts with the Right Equipment.

A 55 gallon drum in the back of a junk pickup is
NOT on the equipment list.

Quality sealcoating begins with a fully agitated tank having a 5 - 16  horsepower motor. Hand operated tanks simply will not mix sand in properly to create a desired mixture that produces a tough, skid-resistant surface.

Other required equipment includes a Blower, String Trimmer, and several small hand tools.

Step two is to properly mix the sealcoat.

Most Sealcoaters buy their sealcoat in bulk and prepare the mixture themselves. A quality mixture consists of bulk sealcoat mixed with 30% water (NOT 50% or even 100% used by most companies). Added to this mixture is 2 pounds of Silica Sand per gallon of Raw Sealcoat, plus 2-3% Latex Modifier. Commercial Sealcoat consists of 3 pounds of Silica Sand per gallon of Raw Sealcoat, and a 2-coat application is recommended.

The Science: The Silica Sand makes the Sealcoat a better filler and results in a more skid resistant surface. The Latex Modifier makes the sealcoat stick to the surface better and dry to a tougher, harder finish that permits minimal tracking.

Now we are ready to prepare your
driveway or parking lot!

  • First we string-trim the grass edges of the pavement for a straight, neat edge.

  • Then all dirt and rocks are brushed and blown off the surface (this step is essential - NOTHING sticks to dirt).

And now, the main event - applying sealcoat!

  • Cracks should then be filled with a rubberized liquid crackfiller for flexibility with expansion and contraction.

  • Our Sealcoating Specialists then hand-brush apply the sealcoat. Hand-brush application is your best option because this produces a thicker layer that fills low spots and lasts longer. Also, spraying is messy and results in a thinner, less protective layer. Some companies apply with a squeegee, but this method takes more sealcoat off than it leaves behind. For Commercial projects two coats are recommended for a surface that lasts.

Note of Caution:
Be aware that most other companies add more water than they admit, and usually add little to no sand.

Remember - you get what you pay for!

If you want it done right the first time, call 


Office:    847-401-7778


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